they are, house of notoire.



House of Notoire is home to a multi-platform, founded by Cynthia Abigail Ritsma and Alysha Sharon Pattiselanno. House of Notoire (HON) is a collective term for all the things we love: a particular country or place, a hotspot, artist or businessman/woman can be notoire, just as a hotel, album drop, brand or movie. See it as a stamp given by the girls of House of Notoire, who are both two ambitious young HONeys with the wish to share their dreams, goals and inspiration.




what house of notoire does:

Both ladies had countless projects they wanted to build and figured, why choose one when you can create them all? That is how they started building their metaphorical dream house, where all their projects fall under one roof. Within our ‘house’ we organize (food) events, offer consultancy-and-organisational services and write about all things ‘notoire’. 


  • Girls That Grub - The Get-Togethers 
  • The Getaway
  • The Basement Sale

Consultancy & organisational services

Both Cynthia and Alysha have a background in Communication, PR and Social Media. They have combined their experience and knowledge to offer their services to businesses and individuals. Besides that, both ladies have affinity with (travel) planning and organising events. This service will also be available to clients. From private events, weddings, customised trips and special occasions to workshops, business conferences, and corporate retreats.


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