house of notoire,
For honeys worldwide.

House of Notoire is a hub that brings women from around the world closer together. Our aim is to connect women worldwide.

We share stories of women from across the globe, organize international retreats, host events, and we’re building a worldwide community. Because when HONeys get together, we are notorious for doing it B.I.G.

House of Notoire (HON) was founded in 2010 by Cynthia Ritsma, with the intention of creating a space that is a home for creativity, inspiration and inclusiveness. A place where all our interests fall under one roof, where conversations are sparked, our curiosity nurtured, where we learn from one another, support each other and where memories are made. HON is built on one fundamental foundation: bringing people together -- on-and-offline.



Meet the founder, cynthia.

Cynthia Ritsma is an avid traveler, taking her first flight when she was only 10 days old!

She has lived in Asia for 13 years and has traveled the world for almost three decades strong. She is a Communications professional, and assists companies as a freelance PR, Social Media and Events specialist. Having worked with global companies such as Montblanc, Rituals and dunhill, amongst others. Combining her passion for travel and love for connecting people, founding House of Notoire was only a logical next step into sharing her vast international network of awesome HONeys and global experiences with the world.

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