5 x fun things to do in Sal Cape Verde

For the ones who never heard of Cape Verde, it’s an island chain existing out of 10 volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Sal is one of the islands and known for windsurfing, beautiful beaches surrounded by an indigo-blue ocean, lots of different restaurants and warm weather all year round. So the perfect place to escape the winter cold and that’s exactly what I did!

Below I’ve listed five fun things you should definitely do when visiting Sal.

  1. Fishy Business

FOTO 1.jpg

Visit the beautiful Harbour of Santa Maria and watch the local fisherman in colourful boats, and try out one of the fresh fish yourself.

2. Walk & Explore

FOTO 2.jpg

Wander around the colourful streets of Santa Maria and soak up the chilled vibes, have a talk with the friendly locals.

3. Get Salty

FOTO 3.jpg

Visit the salt mines, Las Salinas and float around in the water

4. Catch a Wave

FOTO 4.jpg

Take a surf lesson at the beach in Santa Maria or try out one of the other surf spots on the island

5. Let’s Get Spiritual

FOTO 5.jpg

Visit the beautiful picturesque church just outside of Las Salinas


Yasmin aka Wander Lobster
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