A journey around Bali in 7 days


One guy, one girl, one motorbike. In search for adventure. We decided to rent a bike and drive around Bali without a plan, in search for spots to hike, small villages without many tourists, uncrowded coastlines and whatever else we would find.

We left our bags behind and took one extra set of clothing and a jumper and we drove from Canggu to Balian through steep mountain hills to Munduk. We had dinner under the stars, hiked around the waterfalls of Munduk, drove around in the rain and woke up from an earthquake. We had breakfast in sunny Lovina, drove up to Amed and stayed there for two nights and after that we drove to the beaches of Karamas and spent one night in touristy Sanur and back to surfer town Canggu.

It was our plan to not have a plan, we hoped to find small villages but without knowing we kept ending up in touristy places. It was kind of funny. Travelling without a plan is fun, as you never know where you’ll end up in the evening. But it can also be hectic and exhausting at times, especially with the busy Indonesian traffic. So after one week of driving we decided to spent one week in Canggu and after that we continued south to spent another week in Balangan.

A journey around Bali in 7 days foto.jpg

Want to go for a bike adventure around Bali as well?
You can rent a motorbike for around 50.000 rupiah per day and just rent it for a few weeks. You can either rent one from your homestay or just find a place where they rent out motorbikes. And then? Let the fun begin. We used maps.me to navigate around the island, you can use it without internet and you can also check homestays or hotels. Usually you can always find a place so you won’t have to book ahead. Enjoy the magic of Bali!

Yasmin aka Wander Lobster
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