Celebrating 8 Years of HON!

여보세요 - Anyung ha se yo! Hello, from Seoul.
I’ve been spending a few days here after the HONeys in Bali retreat, to explore of course, but more so to take a moment for myself and reflect on the next steps in my life and that of House of Notoire (HON).

It’s October 4th, and… it’s our birthday! I started House of Notoire eight years ago to be exact, which a purpose to create a space where I can bring people from all over the world closer together. A home to worldwide HONeys, where we can create together, inspire each other, grow, spark conversations and connect.

Over the years, HON has taken on many different forms; from being a blog to club events to now hosting the HONeys Retreats. However, one thing has always remained at our core - connecting people worldwide.

When I look back at the journey we’ve taken, all I can do is smile. My heart is full with all the dedication and purpose we’ve put into it. Yes, we’ve had highs and lows. Pauses and (multiple) relaunches, and three different logos to be exact haha! But every rebranding, every new concept, new people that joined the journey have all been worth it and I’m thankful for every moment. I want to thank Myriam, Eshly and Alysha in particular for helping shape what HON is today - you are the OG HONeys. My love and gratitude for you is endless, and you will always be part of the HON Fam!

This past year I have found myself in the company even more than ever before. The introduction of the HONeys Retreats was one of the most seamless and perfect matches for HON. It truly took what we stand for to a whole new level. Having two successful retreats behind us, and one more on the agenda for 2018. I am thrilled to see how the retreats have helped us grow and connect to a larger group of amazing HONeys, globally. I can’t wait to introduce four (and maybe a surprise fifth) new destinations for our 2019 retreats. I can’t wait to meet the new faces that will join us, and I look forward to having our current #honeyalumnae continue these journeys with us as well. Seeing each of you leave our retreats having learned something new, made new connections or even a lifelong friend, and having untapped an unfound passion or purpose within you; is why we do what we do. HONeys, you mean everything to us.

To my #teamhoney; each one of you have made this new phase of HON more thrilling. Thank you for your endless ideas, inspiration, dedication and passion. You are more than appreciated, you are more than just a team member, you are each magnificent and MAGICAL individuals that are taking HON to the next level. So much love for you HONeys: Julia, Luca, Stacy, Janice, Emerald, Maxime, Khady, Laura, Yasmin, Fatou, Juliana, Ophelia. Let’s get it!

And on that note, I am over the moon to announce the 2019 destinations. Are you ready?

April 25 to May 1st

Madeira (Portugal)
June 20 to 26

Sicily (Italy)
September 19 to 25

Cape Town (South Africa)
October 31st to November 6th

There are limited spots available for each retreat, so put your name on the list below to be the first to know when the retreat sales start! And yes, you can choose multiple destinations HONey.

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Thanks again for riding with us over the years! Whether you’re day one or just joined, you’re family to us and we can’t wait to celebrate our 8th birthday with you! We’re organizing a special event and the date will be announced soon.

All my love,


House of Notoire