Meet #TeamHoney - Maxime

When women inspire women - amazing things can happen
...Is the motto I’m living by. During all of the travels I was lucky enough to make so far, the way women are being represented in a specific culture always caught my eye. Looking at the recent “Me Too” movement and all gender issues that are related to that movement, women empowerment has never been this high on the agenda - worldwide.

During my bachelor studies, I’ve been researching “la cultura machista” (macho culture) in Spain and Latin American countries for my final thesis. What I discovered was, that this uber-masculine behavior Spanish/Latino men would pursue was inevitably linked to the core of the culture they belong to, and exactly that discovery inspired me to choose this niche to write about for House of Notoire.

Whereas this research was based on case studies about stereotyping in (online) advertising - the articles that will be created for House of Notoire will look into the deeper connection between women empowerment and the specific culture and how these two are inevitably intertwined.

Let me introduce myself...
My name is Maxime ten Brinke, I’m a freelance creative and currently involved  with a project at the women empowerment network “The Next Women”. Where we strongly believe that when women invest in women; amazing things can happen. Recent projects of mine are the research project I’ve done in collaboration with Creative Women Collective called “Rhythm, Roots & Research” in which I’ve researched musical feminism and the content I currently write for “Girls Who Magazine”, on how to become a #girlboss.
Last year, I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with my master thesis on “Female blackness through the sounds of music”. Coming from a multicultural family (my mother and grandmother come from Curaçao) and a very feminist one (both strive for gender equality within their job & voluntary work) - this niche that is becoming a red thread in my personal & work life, seems almost inevitable.

From this moment on, I will join the HONeys by creating content on women empowerment worldwide and try to inspire you just as much as the topic has inspired me. Stay tuned!

Maxime Eveline
stay in touch via instagram: @maximeveline