Meet #TeamHoney - Khady

Hi, I’m Khady and I am 25 years old. I am a multilingual girl who’s from the Netherlands, but originally from Senegal. Other than that, I have lived in Rome, Italy when I was younger. I honestly think that living in different countries at a young age has made me love traveling, languages, and people. I also love photography, art, and entertainment among many other things in life.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration and I am a Content Creator for I love creating unique content for my website and have had some cool experiences and interactions because of it. My tagline is: “I aspire to inspire others by sharing my experiences.”. Why? You may ask. Well, I believe that people can go a lot further in life if they share their experiences and seek to know other people’s experiences. Not only that, but I definitely think that every experience holds a lesson. It is up to us to be open to see these lessons.


I am currently in Dakar, Senegal to expand my comfort zone and gain (even more) cool experiences. It all started last year when I saw some cheap tickets to Senegal. The rebel in me dared me and I was like why the hell not? That is how it all started. Of course, I want to share it with you! I have decided that it was now or never. I really struggled to focus on my blog while I was studying. In addition, I was also caged by the thought that I had to do “interesting” things in order to write a blogpost about it. What is interesting anyway?! I now know that anything can be interesting. It is up to the storyteller to make it interesting. That is why being here in Dakar has been liberating on so many levels. I have to say that I have finally gained enough artistic freedom in order to better express myself. That is improvement and improvement is what I strive for.

On, I usually share the events and places I visit here in Dakar. Since 2018 I have also started my own Book Club where I share some of the books I’ve been reading. Other than that, you can find plenty of pictures and articles about what I’ve been up to :). Additionally, I want to continue to share my experiences on House of Notoire. You can expect plenty of articles and pictures about cool things to do and see here in Dakar. I also would love to hear and read about yours. We’ll definitely find out that we probably go through similar things. Don’t be shy and ask away!

Khady aka Senegalese Twisted
stay in touch via instagram: @senegalesetwisted