Rocking The Summer in Style!

So summer is almost over, at least that’s what they claim. But for me, the summer is a never ending season (well, only in my head cause the winter days here make me forget about the existence of summer). And so, a lot of people have already been on holiday or are planning their last minute tropical getaway. If you belong to the last group, I have great news for you. Cause guess what? I can help you with packing your suitcase with the most fashionable styles so that you can rock this summer like no other! I know how hard packing a suitcase can be. Especially when you have to chose between your 10 fave pair of shoes or those 20 amazing dresses that makes your butt look like it's out of this world... it’s a dilemma most of us women have to go through, and one that men will never understand. Can you imagine that your boyfriend will just throw some basic t-shirts and shorts in his suitcase and voilà, monsieur is done with packing? Nope, neither do I.


But no worries! I’m here to make it easier for you to pack that damn suitcase with a few tips, winks and outfit inspiration that you can't miss in preparation for your summer trip.

Packing tips to make your life so much easier:
1. Basics. Make sure you pack enough basic tees, shoes, coats, etc. Basics go literally with everything. You can even bring 1 or 2 basic pair of shoes and compensate that with 4 dresses ;) 

2. Avoid packing too many trousers/jeans. Jeans can be worn several days in a row without washing them. Instead of that, take more tees with you than needed. Especially if you’re going to a tropical place. Cause yeah, nobody’s likes to stand next to a stanky Hanky.

3. Leave some things at home. Avoid bringing things that can easily be replaced. Things like toothpaste, shampoos, and other skin care products that can also be bought at your destination. More often than not, those items are even available in the accommodation you’re staying at. Unless it’s a super exclusive brand that they don’t even sell on planet Mars and you can't live without for a few days, then go ahead and take it with you honey ;)

4. Use your charm. This one should be the easiest one. Need some extra packing space? Just ask your boyfriend, in your most charming way, if you can pack some of your things in his suitcase. Remember to wink your eyes as often as the Kardashian’s lie about their implants, ha! 

Here's some outfit inspo that shouldn’t be missing in your suitcase, click the images to enlarge:

Outfit 1: Make sure to have that ultimate beach outfit for when you’re strolling down the beach for the perfect place to catch a tan. Set from ZARA.
Outfit 2: Who says beige is boring? No no boo, not if you style it right! Top is from a thrift store, shorts from Stradivarius.
Outfit 3: The denim skirt is THE hot item of this summer. Make sure to definitely have one in the suitcase. Skirt from Monki and the blouse is from a thrift store.

Outfit 4: A jumpsuit is easy and comfy! And it usually counts as 1 outfit, so that equals more space in the suitcase for other pieces - hooray! Jumpsuit from ZARA.
Outfit 5: And the dress! Make sure to have a dress that can be worn for several occasions (party, beach, dinner, etc). Also, the color yellow is hot, hot, hot! I can finally shine as bright as the sun! Dress from ASOS.
Outfit 6: More yellow! I love the 70s fashion and flares are my all time favorite staple. Style them with a basic, colored or a graphic tee and you’re ready to boogie woogie! Jeans from Forever21 and body from ZARA.

Enjoy your vacation, HONeys!

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