All The Buzz Around Solange

Welcome to “All The Buzz”, where we’ve asked HONeys from around the world to share their favorite tips, places and more from their little black book of gems. The first to spill the nectar, is one of our favs on Instagram, the beautiful Solange (@solizuba). She has soul, style and see’s all the sights. A HONey after our heart! Read about her go-to places, and how she likes to spend her summer’s (it’s never too soon to talk about our fav season of the year).

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1. Where are you based?
In the oh so cute Haarlem (NL).

2. Top 3 places to travel to:
Madagascar, Rwanda, Morocco. 

3. Which destination is on your bucketlist?
Brazil, Mozambique, Myanmar.

4. Fav person to travel with:
My cliques! And besties @mugishaa @afropolitann

5. Favorite brands to wear in summer:
I don’t think I have one fav.. But when traveling, I love to combine my style with a touch of where I’m at through local garments!

6. Describe your perfect summer day?
An early rise to catch sunset, yummy breakfast with some morning jams playing on the background, while I dive into a good book before heading out for some fun activities and.. watch sunset with a beautiful view, on the beach, or in the waters surrounded by good vibes. 

7. Favorite spots in the world
- In the Netherlands: @vanstapele Koekmakerij in Amsterdam (best cookies you’ve ever had, thank me later!) and Zuid-Kennemerland National Park (has been my little escape since I was a kid, almost makes you forget you’re in NL!).

- My beautiful city Kigali for the most romantic views, especially at night. 

- @villamaasai in Paris - I often talk about how African cuisine (and travel, by the way) has long been ignored on a global stage, and this place nails in leading the change of this!

- All sunny beaches + sea.

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