All The Buzz Around Madhavi

Welcome to “All The Buzz”, where we’ve asked HONeys from around the world to share their favorite tips, places and more from their little black book of gems. Next to spill the nectar, is Madhavi (madhavijeane) who continuously inspires us on Instagram. She has has incredible way with words and a flawless style. We can’t get enough of all that she posts! Read about her travel dreams, favorite place in the world and what an ideal day looks like for her.


1. Where are you based?
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2. Top 3 places to travel to:
Miami, Pondicherry (India) and Bangkok.

3. Which destination is on your bucketlist?
Colombia, Capri and South Africa.

4. Fav travel buddies:
Do I have to choose? I have traveled alone a few times and every time it has taught me a little bit more about myself. But, my sister-in-law (@tanujablrdj) and I do have the most fun together!

5. What can’t you travel without:
I can’t travel without a book! I don’t care where I’m going to, I must bring a book with me and always buy a book at the place I’m visiting (obviously in English)

6. Describe your ideal day?
I love getting up early, have a walk and breakfast. Then go to a museum and market, have lunch and then go home to just chill. Before dinner I’ll change my outfit and have drinks afterward. Not getting home late is a must for me haha!

7. Favorite spots in the world
- Sofia Museum in Madrid is really everything you need! The garden and the art is perfect, I could spend an entire day there.

8. Who do you nominate for the next ATB?
- @ayeshadjawala has all the goods about travel!

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