All The Buzz Around Keshia

It’s time for a new edition of “All The Buzz”, where we’ve asked HONeys from around the world to share their favorite tips, places and more from their little black book of gems. Next to spill the nectar is Keshia Danso (@keeshiac), flight attendant, photographer, avid traveler and creator of the vibrant travel platform @getjetlagged.
Read about what travel means to her, Keshia’s favorite places in the world and what an ideal day looks like for this travel maven.

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1. Where are you based?
I am based in Amsterdam South East, a beautiful multicultural town.

2. What do yo do?
I am a flight attendant at KLM, work as a freelance photographer and I'm setting up a platform for those who love to travel called @getjetlagged.  

3. Top 3 travel destinations:
That would be Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Cartagena.

4. Travel bucket list:
Zanzibar, Dakar, Anguilla.

5. What does travel mean to me?
Traveling is not just seeing beautiful places to me, but also the beautiful experience that comes with it. Traveling to me is exploring with the locals and see the city through their eyes and getting to know their culture. Traveling is freedom. Traveling gives me more inspiration every time I get back home. 

6. Best souvenir you've brought back home from traveling?
I honestly can't remember what would be my best souvenir I brought home, but I'm still oldschool and love buying magnets as souvenirs from all over the world. So you can only imagine what my fridge looks like :)

7. What does your ideal day look like?
My day's are never the same. I don't have a standard routine, but when I am home this can be my routine: 

I always try to keep up with Dutch time when I get back home from work (a flight) ‘cause jet-lag kicks in!

Wake up around 9/10am, first have a cup of tea or coffee. 
Then unpack my suitcase, do my laundry etc.

In the afternoon I would work on my photography projects at home, and if I need to get out I would take my laptop with me and go to the Hoxton Hotel and work.

When I get back home I prepare my healthy meals for a day or two. 

8. Favorite places in the world?
Braamfontein in Johannesburg. There is where I first got introduced to South African culture and met a lot of people. The weekend is the best time to visit Braamfontein. It has the hippest shops, creative spaces and innovative restaurants. There is a popular market held every Saturday in a large converted warehouse in Braamfontein. I always get a nice cup of coffee at Father Coffee, sit outside on their bench and enjoy to see all the creative people walking in and out of the streets.

9. Who do you nominate for the next ATB?
I nominate  @jewlsandtravels!