All The Buzz Around Amira

It’s time for a new edition of “All The Buzz”, where we’ve asked HONeys from around the world to share their favorite tips, places and more from their little black book of gems. Next to spill the nectar is Amira (@amiraasl), who we’ve been following on the ‘gram for a while and quite frankly, we’re OBSESSED with! Her life is definite #travelgoals, without a doubt and we’re hanging on every photo and story to see which adventure she has embarked on next. Read about her favorite destinations and places in the world, what she cannot travel without and what her ideal day looks like. This is - Amira!

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1. Where are you based?
Mostly based in the Netherlands. Living in Bussum (near Amsterdam) and Tiel. My second base is Marbella - Spain. 🇳🇱-🇪🇸 

2. What do you do?
I’m studying at an International Fashion Business university. My study made me travel around the world to connect and learn about the different cultures and fashion developments, to build an incredible network in business for the future. I feel blessed to be able to experience this opportunity and visit cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Dubai and Shanghai.                  

3. My top 3 travel destinations are:
- Morocco; I lived there for more than 8 years and it’s unbelievable how much diversity this country has in so many ways; from landscapes to culture. One day you’re standing in an old roman ruin. The next day on a beach so blue as the Caribbean, eating the best fish you’ve ever had! The day after that, on a camel en route to a bedouin tribe in the middle of the Sahara. Day 4 you can be skiing on mesmerizing mountains, hiking or enjoying waterfalls.

- The Caribbean; Bonaire, Aruba (mostly because I like to explore the underwater world as a diver) and the tranquility is one of the most peaceful things I have ever experienced.

- Rio de Janeiro; this city is mind blowing. So much diversity in culture, spontaneous, creative people. Definitely a must to visit.

4. My travel advice:
I’ve travelled around the world and I’m definitely not done yet! One thing I’ve learned is to keep yourself safe and be responsibly adventurous at the same time. Dare to explore and live.

5. My travel bucket list:
Is literally the whole world! But definitely, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia to name a few. I’ve never travelled alone. I’v met my friends many times somewhere around the world to visit a country, but never been alone at my destination. I would love to experience traveling that way, so that’s actually on my bucket list.

6. I can’t travel without:
My fully packed 25 kg bag. This sounds so horrible, but this has a reason. Living in a cold country is definitely not my thing. So when I am abroad I pack all my favorite items and my hair products for my curls, so I don’t have to waste time shopping at my destination. I only want to discover, enjoy and live in the moment.

7. My ideal day:
Is to wake up early, enjoy the sunrise on a beach and just continue dreaming while enjoying the morning magic with a fruit smoothie. After that I would like to get on a boat, discover the underwater world until noon and enjoy some seafood, wine, sun, a beautiful view and great vibe with my company. After that I would like to explore something new as in culture, activity or nature. In the evening, I would like to dress well, enjoy dinner and go to an hotspot on the beach or rooftop and enjoy the evening vibe. As you can read, there is almost no sleep in my perfect day, but that’s actually how I live. I love life that much! I don’t want to waste any moment on this beautiful planet. (Amen, we hear ya sis!)

8. Favorite places in the world:
Marbella: this is my second home and literally has any vibe you seek or feel to do on a spring/summer day. It’s international, peaceful, refreshing and has an incredibly relaxed vibe. Different people who live around the world and finally can be themselves and enjoy life, share stories on one place.                                                            

New York: to explore and shop. By day explore the Rockefeller Center and Central park or be adventurous and visit Harlem’s or Brooklyn’s culture, food and gospel churches. By night I like going to the Empire State Building, followed by a rooftop dinner with a jazz/soul performance.                                         

Caribbean: to dive and relax.                          

Paris: restaurants (Manko, Buddha Bar, Miss kō, Matignon and secret bars that you need to find out) and the fashion/art museums that you can explore on an electric scooter. Party with international crowd on the Monsieur Mouche boat with the Eiffel Tower view or Faust near the river. A hidden gem that I would like to share is Jardins de Bagatelle. I will not tell the details, but if you seek well you will find waterfalls in small caves, a mesmerizing colorful hiking area and one of the best restaurants in Paris.                         

Dubai: restaurants: Buddha bar, JBR Boulevard is full international well-known restaurants. Dubai bars/club: 360 near Burj al Arab, 11 levels of restaurants/bars and clubs on a tower near Dubai biggest Mall. The rooftop one is Atelier M. There is free entrance and free first drinks for the ladies every Tuesday on every level of the tower. Clubs are mostly based in Hotels and completely safe. Dubai is also the most safe city in the world. Also visit Atlantic water world to swim near sharks behind glass is a must.  And try out a Sewaing water airplane with just a few people to see how Dubai looks like from above. Affordable and magical (based on the golf course)!

7. My Next all the Buzz is: 
@josadora - A Spontaneous Swedish woman I met while traveling.