All The Buzz Around Iris

Honey, it’s time for a new edition of “All The Buzz”, where we’ve asked HONeys from around the world to share their favorite tips, places and more from their little black book of gems. Next to spill the nectar is Iris of Cycle Seeds (@cycleseeds), who hosted a wonderful and eye opening “female sexuality” workshop during our first Girls Slumber Party edition. Find out where she made the best travel memories, what’s on her bucket list and where she’s had the best food EVER. This is - Iris!

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Where are you based?
Utrecht, The Netherlands (but most likely moving to Malta next year!)

What do you do?
I help women understand & feel at home in their bodies all throughout their cycles of fertility, menstrual cycles, miscarriage/abortion, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. I am a doula and cycle + sexual well-being consultant/coach and passionate to help women find the way back home in their amazing bodies, becoming body literate and making informed body-choices. 

I've made the best travel memories in:
Oh so many places! I lived in LA and India -- both amazing! And I made road trip from LA to Arizona, up to the canyons, Utah and back to LA through the Mojave desert. Camping and sleeping in a tent in the middle of nowhere along the way, watching the stars. Staying with a witchy older cat lady in a penthouse in Ipanema in Rio - she had like 20 cats and crystals on every window sill, such a mysterious woman but so loving. I spent a week with her with the most amazing views on Ipanema beach, listening to her stories. And one time I traveled to the lush jungles of Colombia all by myself and spent time in an indigenous community (it was 6 hours up stream in a tiny boat on the Amazon river to get there!) where I learned about nature, the healing potential of plants and I felt totally one with the earth around me.

What's on your travel bucket list?
Indonesia, Polynesia/Melanesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone (and who)?
I prefer to travel solo -- but I like it when people visit me when I travel, and meeting people along the way. I like solo traveling because that helps me to feel fully aligned in myself, because I am the only person I have at that moment. To relate to, to talk to, fully confronted with my own thoughts, fears, patterns. Solo traveling is the best school of life for me!

I've had the best food ever in/or at:
Local food stalls in Mysore, India; the jungle in Colombia -- the fruits there! And fresh acai bowls in Brazil, yum!

What does your ideal day look like?
Waking up in a warm country with the sound of waves and birds in the background (preferably next to a sweet man, haa!), sip warm lemon water, do a short breathing/movement session, have breakfast, then go to the beach to catch early morning waves surfing, have lunch, coach clients from a nice beach house, and have the rest of the afternoon free to read, write, be in nature, have dinner, and watch the sun go down at a non-alcoholic party on the beach (: I love the less is more kinda days.. Simple things: food, people, nature. And always living according to my own inner cycle, instead of the fast paced world around me (: 

Favorite places in the world (can be museums/stores/restaurants/a beach/anything really)
Lake Shrine in LA, Louvre in Paris, Ipanema beach in Rio, Ojai Valley in California, jungles in general.

Who do you  nominate for the next All The Buzz?
I loooove Sharon Jane D. and I love her travel stories (: And her work!