Meet #TeamHoney - Fatou

Hi HONeys! 

My name is Fatou and I love to eat, laugh (at my own jokes cause I’m that hilarious), read, being active, cooking and being in nature. I will be posting stories about everything related to fashion. My life motto definitely is: "I don’t do ordinary. I do me.". This means that when it comes to fashion, I apply this same rule. I see being different as something positive, because being ordinary and normal is boring. And besides, who wants to live a life full of boringness and ordinary things? Yeah, exactly...

With my stories, I’m going to combine fashion with topics such as travel, culture, events, and creativity. Curious how this will look like? Then follow @houseofnotoire on Instagram for updates on my upcoming posts. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, and I’ll try my best to keep you smiling throughout the process ;).

As a matter of fact, why don't we get started with my first story right away! Read on below...


Okay, so the weather is much better in the Netherlands which also means that the mood of certain people is getting better as well (ahem), food tastes better (or is just me?), long, sunny days and of course summer nights. I guess you’ve already concluded that summer is definitely my favorite season of the year! Not only because of the above mentioned reasons or that I was born in the summer, but also because I can finally wear an outfit without a jacket that will ruin it. I bet y’all can also relate to this. Isn’t it annoying when you look bomb AF but can’t show the world cause yeah, the stupid jacket? Or you decide to show the world anyway but then almost die because of the cold? Exactly.

For the ones who didn’t know yet, the festival season has officially started. Yay! This means that awesome events and festivals will take place during hot summer days and sultry summer evenings. Wow, this already makes me want to spend all my money on only festivals this year. But let's not get distracted... The shopaholics amongst us (myself included. Shopping can really serve as a therapy people, it’s a fact I can confirm) have already done their research on this year’s festival trend. What I love about festival outfits is that you can go as crazy as you want and nobody will judge you! In fact, the crazier the better. I feel like this is the world I should be living in.

Outfit 1: prints are in! Especially leopard prints are hot, hot, hot. Like this bodysuit from Boohoo.
Outfit 2: The L-O-V-E suit. Shorts and jacket from H&M.

outfit 3: more playful suits! Trousers and top are from Bershka.
outfit 4: show your stripes and skin! You can go wrong with a cute dress.

This year’s festival season is all about dresses, two piece sets and amazing accessories. The 90s and 70s aka vintage fashion, are back (thankfully, only the fashion. The 70s can keep its racism and the 90s can keep Vanilla ice and it’s ice cream, I like amarena better anyway). Since I’m a huge vintage fashion lover, I can’t be any happier that these styles are being appreciated by the fashion industry nowadays. I've made a selection of outfits (see the pictures above) to have some inspiration for how to rock this festival season in style, but not wildly crazy (you can go wildly crazy at the festival itself though). I’ve also added links where you can purchase all outfits in just one or two clicks. You’re welcome.

Until next time HONeys!

PS: I love festivals, especially food festivals but I’m always quite lazy to search for them. So if you have any tips for awesome festivals that I should definitely go to, let me know! Thank you, X.

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