house of notoire - The Getaway 

In November 2017 our house goes international. As we will be hosting our first getaway for a group of ambitious boss babes. 
A getaway to inspire and be inspired, listen to experts who will share their road to success stories, and have a team of advisors on the spot who are there to answer all your business-related questions. On top of that, it's a fun-packed week filled with exciting activities, as well as the chance to relax, eat mouthwatering food at curated spots by Girls That Grub, and a moment to connect with amazing women and build fantastic friendships. What more can a HONey ask for? Our first destination is Marrakech and we can't wait to share this beautiful trip with you soon. We're ready for #HoneysInMarrakech

Are you a brand, restaurant, photographer, you name it, and would you like to collaborate during our this getaway?
Then shoot us an email at