All The Buzz Around Kiki

It’s time for a new edition of “All The Buzz”, where we’ve asked HONeys from around the world to share their favorite tips, places and more from their little black book of gems. Next to spill the nectar is Kiki Bosman (@kikibosman_), editor in chief of Girls Who Magazine and marketeer and social media expert for restaurants.
Read about her travel dreams, favorite places in the world and what an ideal day looks like for her.


Where are you Based?
In my all time favorite city, Amsterdam

What do you do?
I run an online platform for ambitious women who enjoy life - called Girls Who Magazine. With over 30.000 readers now, more and more challenging experiences and lessons learned pass by. I'll never complain; the coolest things are related to my business. Visiting events, meeting new (inspirational) people continuously, running a team of editors, writing fun articles, conducting interviews with girlbosses, running various social media platforms and much more. Aside from being editor in chief of Girls Who Magazine I focus on restaurant marketing & social media. It's super cool to combines these things!

Top 3 travel destinations
Lisboa - the lively city that has it all. 
Fez, Morocco - it's like traveling waaay back in time.
Bangkok - the Metropol that never ever sleeps, with endless things to discover.

What's on your travel bucket list
Tel Aviv & Georgia (the country). 

Do you prefer to travel solo or with someone (and who)?
Even though I am really enthusiastic about solo traveling, I do prefer to travel with somebody, so I can share all the experiences along the way. My father is my favorite travel-partner. He runs a travel organization for over 25 years now, and he really taught me everything in regards to traveling. To always avoid touristic places, how to discover hidden gems, how to deal with different cultures - etcetera. 

I can't travel without… 
My phone. Super stupid, but it's true. To find all these extraordinary (non-touristic) places, Google Maps is indispensable during my trips. As well as many other travel apps, and of course my camera, to capture the most beautiful spots and places during a trip. 

What does your ideal day look like?
On a perfect day, I have at least completed three things op my to-do work list in the morning. Preferably I do some exercises before I choose an outfit that makes me feel confident. After, I meet for lunch with a friend somewhere on a terrace in the sun. Without planning, more and more friends join the table and before we know the first bottle of rosé is ordered. While chatting and cheersing, we capture the good vibes together. Without realizing, the clock hits dinner time and we move to another (dinner) place or rooftop terrace to continue the evening together. And the next morning, there is NO hangover. Well, that would be ideal!

Favorite places in the world:
The beach of Barcelona, the canals of Amsterdam, the Medina of Fez, The Ratchada Train Market in Bangkokthe small fishers villages in Sardinia, the restaurants of chef José Avillez in Lisboa!

Who do you nominate for the next All The Buzz?
Liesbeth Rasker, the most funny traveller who also has a great talent for writing.